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Adinatha Perumal Temple (Thirukurukur), Alwar Thirunagari, Thoothukudi – The Temple

Adinatha Perumal Temple (Thirukurukur), Alwar Thirunagari, Thoothukudi – The Temple
The Prime Deity Aathippiraan faces east in standing posture. The image is a swayambu (manifested) and is believed that the feet of the Prime Deity are under the earth.

Goddesses are Aadhinatha Nayagi and Thirukkurukoornayaki, the consorts of Lord Aadhinatha Perumal presides in separate shrines in this temple.

There is a separate Sannidhi for Nammazhwar said to be more significant than the main Sannidhi itself for it was here that he spent 16 years in silence. This is the only Divya Desam to have the name of the Azhvaar.

Travelling a distance of 1 mile away from this sthalam, we can find "Appan Sannadhi", where we can find the Sannadhi for Kaarimaran, father of Nammaalvar.

Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar is Sri Aadhinathan. Other names of this Perumal are Aadhippiraan, Polindhu Nindra Piran. Moolavar is in Nindra Kolam facing east direction. 
Prathyaksham: Brahmadevar, Madhurakavi Alwar and Nammaalvar
Thaayar: 2 Thaayars - Aadhinatha Valli and Gurukoor valli and have separate Sannadhis.
Sthala Virutcham (Tree): 
·        Tamarind tree.
·        Tamirabharani Nadhi.
·        Govinda Vimaanam. 
Nammalvar is found below the Tamarind tree in "Atthai Thindru - Angae Kidantha - Yoga Nilai in sitting Seva.
Stone Nadaswaram:
A special feature at the Aathi Nathan temple at Azhvaar Thirunagari is the stone Nadaswaram that is several centuries old. This place is also considered as a birth place of Nammazhwar and Manavala Mamuni. It is believed by the Vaishanavities that, ‘Lord Vishnu’ incarnated as Nammazhwar.

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