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Kalugasalamoorthy Temple (Kalugumalai Murugan temple), Kalugumalai, Thoothukudi - History

Kalugasalamoorthy Temple (Kalugumalai Murugan temple), Kalugumalai, Thoothukudi - History
The scholars have assigned the period of this rock cut temple structure to eighth century A.D. based on its architecture. The images of the presiding deity were excavated from the Southwestern corner of Kalugumalai. The images were installed and the leading pillared halls were constructed during the 18th century. The temple finds mention in Kandapuranam, a work by Kachiyappar.
Kachiyappar mentions that there are only three sacred temples of Murugan where he faces the South and this is the only temple where he faces south and also in seated posture. The temple was under the control of Ettaiyapuram Zamindar under 1954. The Raja gifted the village to the temple and formed five streets around the temple to enable the temple car to pass easily. He also allocated a middle street for the temple priests.
During the Panguni Uthiram festival procession, the elongated conflict between two castes in the region, namely, Nadars and Maravars resulted in riots, popularly called Kalugumalai riots of 1895. A total of ten people were killed, many injured and the temple car and other property in the region were destroyed. In modern times, the temple is maintained & administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamilnadu. 

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