Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kayalpattinam Beach, Thoothukudi

Kayalpattinam Beach, Thoothukudi
Kayalpattinam Beach is an ideal example for any romantic travellers. This beach is an example of an exquisite and serene atmosphere with many tourist attractions. This beach is situated in Tamilnadu and is located 626 kms far from Chennai city.  Kayalpattinam Beach is situated in Tamilnadu and is considered as the most extravagant beach. This beach is not only perfect for family outing, but this beach can also be visited by the honeymoon travellers.

Kayalpattinam beach is located near Arumuganeri town at a distance of 2 kms whereas Korampallam region lie 24 kms far.  It mostly inhabits most breathtaking sunset and sunrise views. The tourists visiting this beach can enjoy some activities such swimming and sunbathing. Kayalpattinam beach situated near Kayalpattanam city at a distance of 5kms even consists of many admirable attraction sights.

Kayalpattinam Beach resides few mosques near for its pilgrims. The tourists visiting this beach can enjoy a great time by swimming, scuba diving, water surfing or snorkeling at the beach. Even skiing and boating rides can be enjoyed by the arrivals. This beach is known for its recreational activities.  The Appa Palli Mosque, The Kutti appa Palli Mosque and Hafil Ameer Oliullah Masjid are widely worshipped by devotees and act as the tourist’s attraction in Kayalpattinam Beach.

Kayalpattinam Beach is a sandy medium size beach which borders the Bay of Bengal. Many tourists visit this beach to spend time enjoying the salty sea breeze and also to spend time in the waters. A park has been built nearby for recreational purposes for the tourists who are visiting here.

Kayalpattinam Beach at Kayalpattinam is located at 8°33'42.3"N 78°07'58.0"E or 8.561750, 78.132788. Kayalpattinam was a famous port next to Korkai in the 12th and 13th Centuries, situated 30 kms from Thoothukudi and 18 kms from Thiruchendur between Thoothukudi and Thiruchendur highway. 

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