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Makara Nedunkuzhaikathar Temple, Thenthiruperai, Thoothukudi – The Temple

Makara Nedunkuzhaikathar Temple, Thenthiruperai, Thoothukudi – The Temple
On the South bank of Tamirabarani, one finds the big Nigaril Mugilvannan temple at Thenthiruperai, where the Lord is seen in a seated posture facing east. Lord Makara Nedunkuzhai Kadhar Perumal blesses the devotees from the sanctum sanctorum under the Badra Vimana-tower above the sanctum. Makara Nedunkuzhaikathar Temple is constructed in Dravidian style of architecture.

The idol is seen in a seated posture facing east. The place is important for Sukra graham. The place is about 7 kms distance to Azwar Thiru Nagari on River Thamirabarani. There is an outer mandapam with sculpture to pillars. After crossing Dwajasthambam, you will find the small shrine for Garudazhwar, which is a little away to the side, facing main deity in sanctum.

Main Deity “Magra nedung kuzhai nadhar”, in veer asana posture (sitting with his left leg folded). “Kuzai kadha valli Thayar” and “Thiruperai Nachiar” are seen in different separate sanctums. You can see Brugu Muni and Markandeyar to either side in front of main deity inside the sanctum.

Urchavar here is known as “Nigaril Mugil Vannan” with “Sridevi and Bhoodevi”. Teertham is Sukra pushkarani. 

Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Magara Nedunkuzhai Kaathar Perumal. He is also named as "Nigaril Mugil Vannan". Moolavar is in Veetrirundha (sitting) Kolam facing East direction. 

Prathyaksham were given for Shukran, Rudhran (Lord Shiva) and Lord Brahma. 
Thaayar: Two Thaayars - Kuzhaikkaadhu Valli, and Thiruperai Naachiyaar. The two Nachiyars have their own separate Sannadhis.
·        Nammalvar - 11 Pasurams 
·        Sukra Pushkarani
·        Sangu Theertham.
·        Patthira Vimaanam. 

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