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Thirupuliyangudi Perumal Temple (Kaaichina Vendha Perumal Temple), Thoothukudi – Legends

Thirupuliyangudi Perumal Temple (Kaaichina Vendha Perumal Temple), Thoothukudi – Legends
Story behind Bhoomi Balagar:
Once Vishnu spent the time with Lakshmi on the bank of river, Bhoomadevi became angry as she felt that the Lord disregarded her after his arrival to the earth. So she left the earth and went down to the underworld. As Bhoomadevi went to the Underworld, the earth became dark and dry. The Devas went to Vishnu and prayed for restoration of light and life on the earth.
Lord Vishnu accompanied by Lakshmi went to the underworld and pacified Bhoomadevi and appeared to everyone with both of the consorts. As the Lord saved the earth (Bhoomi) pacifying Bhoomadevi, He was called Bhoomi Balagar.
Indra penance on Vishnu:
Once at the Himalayas, a Rishi and his consort were playing in the guise of deer. Indra (deva chieftain), who came there killed the male deer with his Vajrayudha without knowing that the deer are actually a Sage and his wife. As he killed the Rishi he got into ‘Brahmahatthi Dosha’. As per the advice of Jupiter (one of the Navagrahas), Indira came here and prayed to Bhoomibalan and bathed in the Holy water here. He was relieved of the Brahmahatthi dosha. The elated Indira performed a big Pooja.
Relieving the curse of Yagnasharma:
Vishnu appeared and relieved the curse of Yagnasharma who was cursed to become a demon because he had not only failed to respect Vashista and his daughter but also used harsh words against them. 

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