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Balasubramanya Swamy & Pavavimochana Peruman Temple, Thiruvidaikazhi, Nagapattinam

Balasubramanya Swamy & Pavavimochana Peruman Temple, Thiruvidaikazhi, Nagapattinam
Pavavimochana Peruman Temple and Bala Subramaniya Swamy Temple is located in Thiruvidaikazhi near Thirukkadaiyur in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu. Both Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga are present in same the Garbhagriha. Thiruvidaikazhi or Thirukuravadi is 6 kms from Thirukadaiyur and is a Rahu Kethu and Sevvai parihara sthalam. This is one of the Thiruvisaippa Shiva Sthalam. Arunagirinathar in Thirupugazh and Senthanar in Thiruvisaippa have sung hymns in praise of Lord Sri Subramaniyar and Shiva of this temple. Senthanar Swamigal attained Mukthi in this sthalam.

According to Sthala Puranam, Lord Balasubramanian killed Surapadman in Thiruchendur and then killed Surapadman's son Hiranya Suran in this Sthalam. After the battle Lord Murugan offered prayers to Lord Shiva or Papavinasamurthi to wash away his sins and got the blessings of his father.
It is also said that Rahu offered prayers to the Murugar in this temple.
The sthala puranam says this is the place where the Nichayathaartham (betrothal) was happened for Muruga and Theyvanai.
The Temple
The Moolavar, Lord Murugan showers his blessings facing east under Thiru Kura tree. A Shivalingam is situated at the back of Moolvar towards the side of Northwest facing in east direction and a Spatika linga is situated in the front. Goddess Devayanai has a separate Sannadhi in this shrine. Both Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga are present in same the Garbhagriha. Lord Shiva is on his left indicating that Sri Subramanya swami performs pooja to Lord Siva.

There is no Sannadhi for Sri Valli. The Sthala Vriksham is Thirukura Maram. Presiding Deity Shiva is called as Babavinasa Peruman and Presiding Deity Murugan is called as Balasubramaniar. There is no Shrine present here Shiva Consort. There is no Navagraha Sannadhi. There are Iyannar Sannadhis around this place. In artha mandapam Nandhi and elephant are located. Deivanai is also in the "Thapas Kolam" performing penance to marry Lord Muruga.

In the inner and outer Praharams, one can find more Siva Lingams so that a visit to this temple is equivalent to seeing Lingams in four Siva temples. In the outermost praharam, one can find the Adi Lingam under a tree. The temple Gopuram illustrates stories from Kandha Puranam. Another interesting feature is that the Dwajasthambam has both Pillayar and Murugar seated next to each other at the base.

Normally, one will find only Pillayar at the base of the Dwajasthambam. Devotees come in Padayathra from Chidambaram in the Tamil month of Purattasi and devotees come in Padayathra from Sikkal (where Lord Murugar got Sakthivel from Ambal) in the Tamil month of Vaikasi.

Temple Opening Time
·        Morning: 06:00 AM to 12:00 PM
·        Evening: 04:00 PM to 08:30 PM
Balasubramanya Swamy & Pavavimochana Peruman Temple,
Thiruvidaikazhi Post, Tharangampadi Taluk,
Porayar, Nagapattinam – 609310
Phone: +91 4364 204888 / 204444
Mobile: +91 9566623777
Thiruvidaikazhi is a village panchayat located around 32 Kms from Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu. Thiruvidaikazhi is situated in the enroute of Mayuram and Tharangampadi around 6 kms from Thirukadaiyur & 2 Kms west of Thillaiyadi. Since the frequency of the bus is limited we may get an auto from Thirukadaiyur. Nearest Railway Station is located at Mayiladuthurai and Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

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