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Vagheeswarar Temple, Peruncheri, Nagapattinam

Vagheeswarar Temple, Peruncheri, Nagapattinam
Vagheeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Peruncheri Village near Mayiladuthurai in Nagapattinam District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Vagheeswarar and Mother is known as Swantharanayagi.

Legend of Bitchadanar:
Along with Tiruvazhuvur, this place is also connected with the legend of Bitchadanar. The village is known as Peruncheri (Perum + Cheri = a vast group) because once 40,000 sages of Tharukavanam lived in this village and performed severe penance. They thought penance itself will provide everything and there is no superior God and their ladies were also equally egoistic. To teach them the lesson, Shiva took the form of a beautiful full – nude beggar as Bitchadanar accompanied by Vishnu as Mohini with all their sheen, came here, fought with the rishis, taught them the lesson and blessed them as well.
Shiva vanished Brihaspati sorrow:
 The dispute for ‘Dharadevi’ (wife of Devaguru) between Chandra and Brihaspati made Brihaspati much worried and upset. He went on Kshetra Dana to different places and finally coming here, he got peace. He worshipped Ambal in his mind and from his mind; Ambal directly came out (Swa + anthara + Nayagi) and so called Swantharanayagi. Finally Shiva blessed him (vagh + Eswara; Vagh here means Brihaspati) and his sorrow vanished totally. Later, Chandra, Thara and Saraswathi – all worshipped here.
Kali slayed Yavanan for Chola King:
Once a demonic king called Yavanan from Ceylon fought with chola king Dhatta, The chola king was unable to withstand and he worshipped Swantharanayagi. She sent Kali and Kali killed Yavana.
Daksha Yagna:
The teeths of Surya has been broken by Veerabadra swami during Daksha yagna. Surya did penance here and got back his teeth. Many such devas who got beatings from Veerabadhrar during the Daksha yagna got their problems solved in this sthala.
The Temple
Presiding Deity is called as Vagheeswarar and Mother is known as Swantharanayagi. Both Swami and Ambal are considered to be swayambu. Ambal is very varaprasathi (fulfilling our desires at the earliest). Theertham is Brihaspati theertham (popularly known as Thursday Theertham). Swami will provide theertham (Theerthavari) on Margazhi Thursdays. This is a parihara sthala for ‘Guru Dhosha’. A Mariamman temple is inside this village. She is very attractive and full of Shantha and Karunya. Her temple has been renovated recently.

This is a parihara sthala for “Guru Dhosha”. Since swami provided mental relief for Brihaspati himself, this is also a sthala to get rid of our worries.
The temple is situated at about 8 kms from Mayiladuthurai. After about 7 kms in the Mayiladuthurai – Thiruvarur Route, a road to the left (east) will lead to Peruncheri. Nearest Railway Station is located at Mayiladuthurai and Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

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