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Valampurinathar Temple, Melaperumpallam – Legends

Valampurinathar Temple, Melaperumpallam – Legends
A king of Kasi wanted to test the fidelity of his queen. While camping in forests for hunting, he asked his minister to inform his wife that he was killed by a tiger during hunting. Hearing the news, the queen instantly fell dead. For causing the death of a chaste wife by false information, the king was possessed by evil dosha-Brahmmahathi dosha. The king consulted many pundits for relief. He was advised to feed 1000 Brahmins each day at this place -Tiruvalampuram. One day, a voice said that the king would be relieved of the sin when the bell of the temple rang that never rang before. Feeding continued.
One day, Pattinathar came to this temple and asked the people in the kitchen to give him food which they refused. Pattinathar, took the Kanji (the extra water flowing out while boiling the rice) with his two hands and drank it. The bell began to ring. Everyone was surprised to hear the bell ringing even before the feeding began. They saw Pattinathar smiling there. The entire crowd assembled to witness the miracle had watched Pattinathar blissfully seated. The King with due respect and honor invited Pattinathar to his palace and revealed his gratitude. The spirit on the king left immediately. This event is celebrated as a festival even now.
Vishnu penance on Lord Shiva:
When Lord Vishnu took up a penance on Lord Shiva, he left his consort Mahalakshmi as the companion of Ambica. He got a club and the discus as reward for his penance. He also worshipped Ambica and received the conch and Padma-Lotus, according to the Sthala Purana-history of the land. 
Shiva darshan to Thirunavukarasar:
Lord Shiva granted darshan to Saint Tirunavukkarasar in this place during his pilgrimage along with saint Tirugnanasambandar.  
Equivalent to Kasi:
Dananjayan, king of Magadha instructed his son that his Asthi-ashes should be immersed at a place where it turns into a flower. To fulfill his father’s wish, after his death, the son wandered to sacred places. The ashes turned into a flower when he reached this place. He dissolved the ashes here. Hence, the placed is considered as holy as Kasi.
Daksha performed penance to have Dhakshayani as his daughter:
Daksha and his wife performed penance here to have Dhakshayani as their daughter.  
The Name Valampuram:
The legend has that the River Cauvery was gracefully flowing through these lands, there appeared Adishesha with its thousand heads plunged into the river created a Biladhwaram/perforate. Due to the sudden thrust of Adishesha with its massive body, River Cauvery descended down to the burrow and got trapped in to the hole without any free flow at Thiruvalanchuzhi. The Chozha King who was ruled this city was witnessing this incident and shocked at this sight. Soon he could listen to a mysterious voice affirmed that the Biladhwaram would disappear when a sage get into this hole and wholeheartedly give up his life.
The King met with the sages who were undergoing severe austerities in the woodlands and narrated the incident. The sages were agreed to do anything for bringing out the River Cauvery on the surface of the Earth. Sage Heranda went inside the Biladhwaram, instantly the River Cauvery spurted out from the Biladhwaram and started flowing as generously as ever. Sage Heranda circumambulated this land all the way through the tunnel; finally regained himself from this and appeared on this place on Earth. Hence this place has got the name ‘Thiruvalampuram’. Since the place is to the west (right side) of Cauvery River, the place got its name.

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