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Thanjai Maamani Koil, Thanjavur - Legends

Thanjai Maamani Koil, Thanjavur - Legends
Origin of River Vennaaru:
The temple is located in the banks of Vennaaru River. The Lord is believed to have appeared for sage Parasarar. Tanjore is the capital of the Chola Kingdom. Parasara Maharishi’s and all the other rishi’s wanted to get Dharsan of Lord Narayana down in this earth and hence the Lord sat on the bank of the river vinnaaru now Vennaaru which is a pious river flowing with Amudhan (the drink bringing eternity) in the Vishnuloga. This is the story behind the formation of the Tanjore Maamani Koils. It’s also said that the Viraja River flowing in the Vishnu Lokam has changed as Vennaaru here.
King of Universe:
As the Utsavar, Sriman Narayanan is considered as to be the king of this whole universe; he has the Sengol (Baton) in his hand.
Story behind Thanjai Yazhinagar Perumal:
There is a beautiful story regarding the Thanjai Yazhinagar Perumal. Sage Parasara sprayed the nectar he obtained from the milk ocean in the Manimutha River, built a hermitage on the river bank and was performing penance. Parasa Maharishi along with other rishi’s was living here. Demons destroyed their Yagnas and gave the rishi’s lots of troubles. Among them Tharagan, Thandagan and Thanjagan were particular in their tasks. Kaalidevi (Wife of Lord Shiva) killed almost all the Demons. But somehow Thanjagan escaped from her and started to trouble the rishi’s. So as an answer to the prayer of rishi’s, Lord Narayana took the form of Narasimha once again and killed the demon.
It is to be noted that Thaaragan and Thandagan was killed by Kaali during the period of Krishna avathaar but Lord Narayana took the form of Narasima which is 4th avathaar. So this Yazhinagar Narasimmar is very special. In remembrance of Thanjakasuran this place is called as Tanjore Nagar and the Thaayar Thanjai Naayaki. The Vedas say that Lord Narayana would take any form at any time to protect his devotees. And the above case proves it. As the meaning of Vedas is explained here, the Vimaanam of this place is Vedasundara Vimaanam.

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