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Srinivasa Perumal Temple (Mayakoothar Perumal Temple), Tirukulandhai, Thoothukudi – Legends

Srinivasa Perumal Temple (Mayakoothar Perumal Temple), Tirukulandhai, Thoothukudi – Legends
Story behind the name Maaya Koothan:
This temple history describes Lord Vishnu's power to perform miracles to serve his devotees. Once one Asura, abducted Vishnu Bhaktha Vedasaran's wife Kumudhavalli. It is believed that Lord Vishnu came on his Garuda Vahanam to defeat Asura Asmachaaran. The Asura performed magic tricks but was vanquished by Vishnu.
Having defeated the Asura, Vishnu is said to have performed his victory dance standing on the Asura’s body. The Devas who watched this 'dancing victory' of Lord Vishnu wanted him to provide darshan here as ‘Maaya Koothan’. And he restored Kumudhavalli to her husband.
Reason behind the name Perungkulam:
In this sthalam, a very big lake (kulam) is found and because of this, the sthalam is also called as “Perungkulam”.
Story behind the name Baligai Vanam:
Lord Vishnu had answered the prayers of Vedarasan, an andanan (brahmanan) for a child. He got a daughter due to this penance and he named here Kamalavathi and she started doing the tapas against Vishnu to attain him fully satisfied on her tapas, he gave his Prathyaksham to her and made here as a small beat and kept along with the Kousthuwa Muni (long chain made of beads) which is found in his chest. Since, she was a small girl (Balikai), this sthalam is named as “Baligai Vanam”.
Reason behind the name Tirukulandhai:
Kulam means wealth and it also means as “Margazhi”. The Emperumaan along with two pirattiyaars gives his Seva in Anandha stage and since there is a big lake (Kulam) that is found close to the sthalam, the sthalam is named as “Tirukulandhai”.

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