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Pushpavaneswarar Temple (Poovananathar Temple), Thirupuvanam, Sivaganga – Literary Mention

Pushpavaneswarar Temple (Poovananathar Temple), Thirupuvanam, Sivaganga – Literary Mention
Before the 7th century AD in Tamil Nadu, Jainism and Buddhism were the dominated religions. During that period the four great Saivaite saints restored the pristine glory of Saivism. They traveled far and wide in the Tamil kingdoms, extolling and singing the glory of God. There are 14 Shrines in the Pandya kingdom where their songs are available. These 14 Shrines are grouped together and known as Pandi-14.
Amongst the 14 Shrines, Madurai, the Capital of the Pandiya Kingdom is the most ancient. But the city was ravaged due to the war of Lord Indra, the curse of Kannagi, which consumed Madurai, and the spate in the river Vaigai. Though the city was brought back to life again, the only Shrine which maintains its ancient glory is Thirupuvanam.
The glories of the Thirupuvanam are narrated in Brahma-vaivarta puranam (Sanskrit). And it was translated in the Tamil Language and named as "Thirupuvanam Puranam" by Kandhaswamy Pulavar. More over the glories of Thirupuvanam are narrated in 3 episodes in Thiruvilayadal Puranam of Paranjothi Munivar.
Thirupuvanam is also known as 'Nelmudikarai'. The temple is praised in the hymns of Saivite saints Tirugnanasambandar, Tirunavukkarasar and Sundarar. One such song by saint Tirunavukkarasar in the melodious Thandagam metre describes the handsome Lord and his blessing qualities towards his devotees and the beauty of Tirupuvanam surrounded fragrant gardens. This is the 11th temple in the Pandya region praised in the hymns.

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