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Vadaranyeswarar Temple (Vallalar Koil), Mayiladuthurai – Legends

Vadaranyeswarar Temple (Vallalar Koil), Mayiladuthurai – Legends
Rishaba Theertham:
Rishaba Deva felt proud that he was above all as he was carrying Lord Siva on his back. The Lord coming to know of it, wanted to teach him a lesson. One day, he just placed a strand from the matted hair of his head on Rishaba Deva. Unable to bear its weight, Rishaba Deva felt crushed and immediately realised his mistake. He prostrated before the Lord and sought his pardon.
The Lord not only pardoned him but also initiated him into the mysterious divine wisdom. Hence, when the Lord took the form of Guru Bhagawan or Gurumurthi, Rishaba Deva was permitted to serve as his mount. The Lord made Nandi Deva to stay at Mayuram, in the middle of the Cauvery. He also directed that Ganga and other rivers should flow into Cauvery on New moon day in the Tamil month of Aipasi. Hence, the river at the spot came to be known as Rishaba theertham.
Iyppasi New Moon day is an important festival during which all the deities around the place come down to the Rishaba Theertha Ghat and Goddess Ganga Devi is carried on a makara (crocodile) vahanam.
Nandhi had sung on Lord Dakshinamurthy:
Sri Nandhi, the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva had sung 8 verses in praise of Lord Dakshinamurthy which is recommended to devotees for prayer and chanting for relief from arrogant qualities and to attain wisdom. 
Planet Jupiter worshipped Lord Dakshinamurthy:
According to Sthala Purana, Planet Jupiter worshipped Lord Dakshinamurthy to attain the power of granting boons to those worshipping him. The place is considered holy for Guru Worship. 
Gnana Pushkarini Theertham:
Gnana Pushkarini Theertham is on the north of the temple where people facing adverse aspects of Jupiter use to have a dip. 
Chamundi worshipped Shiva here:
Chamundi, one of the Saptha Madhas worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple seeking relief from the dosha of killing demon Mahishasura.

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