Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kurangu Mandapam, Punnainallur, Thanjavur

Kurangu Mandapam, Punnainallur, Thanjavur
The picture above located near Punnainallur Mariyamman koil is locally called Kurangu mandapam. It is well known to the locals from its location close to a great lake in Thanjavur called Rani Samudram.

This lake disappeared at the blink of an eye by the real estate owners with the blessings from the local politicians who are the natural scavengers of this town. This small building has two underground tunnel one leading to the current Maratha palace and the other one unknown.

No excavations are made yet due to lack of funds. However, you can see the real estate people have occupied those areas and in matter of days the building will be ground zero before new developments flats appears.

Similarly, a pond in Vallam a small town in the outskirts of Thanjavur in Thanjavur- Tiruchirapalli highways faces threat. 

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