Friday, May 6, 2016

Thanjavur Maratha Palace - Arsenal Tower (Gooda Gopuram)

Thanjavur Maratha Palace - Arsenal Tower (Gooda Gopuram)
Gooda Gopuram, the Arsenal Tower, is 192 feet height with eight storeys. It was constructed during the period of the Marathas in 1855 CE. It was used as a watchtower and an armory to store weapons and ammunition imported from European countries. After the English captured the palace in 1855 CE, all the contents were transferred to Tiruchirappalli, in 1863.

The initial building was constructed by Nayaks in 1645 with only 2 floors. The Marathas later renovated and finished the tower in 1855, and used it for various military purposes. The top floor was used as a watch tower, and the remaining floors were used to store arms and ammunition. The second floor was exclusively used for the King's martial arts training.

A dead whale's skull is found in this section. From this tower, one can get bird view of Brihadeeswarar Temple Vimana. Arsenal Tower is a structure, which attracts the visitors to Thanjavur even as the Tower of the Big Temple does. This Arsenal Tower is 190 feet height with eight storeys and was constructed in 1855 CE during the period of Marathas. 

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