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Thanjavur Maratha Palace – Raja Serfoji Memorial Hall

Thanjavur Maratha Palace – Raja Serfoji Memorial Hall
The Sardar Mahal is more than 175 years old and is situated north to the Krishna Vilas Tank, which is now closed.  This hall was the residential palace of King Serfoji and his descendants.  Performing arts like drama, dance, music and other art forms were performed at the Sadar Mahal Palace.  Proof of this is evident from the Marathi Modi documents in the Saraswati Mahal library.

The eighth World Tamil Conference gave a new lease of life to these Mahals, which are now preserved by the Department of Archaeology, State Government of Tamilnadu. The arts and artefacts collected by King Serfoji are displayed in the erstwhile Residential palace of Serfoji. 

This was opened to the public on 12th October 1997.  This was done with the aim of showcasing the contribution of the Maratha kings to Thanjavur and to South Indian culture and literature and also to make the general public aware of their history.

The Palace was named Rajah Serfoji’ s Memorial Hall in 1997 and was registered as a trust with Srimant Tulajendra Raja P Bhosle, a descendant of Rajah Serfoji.  The hall was restructured and repainted; it originally had some stucco work on the upper borders of the wall. On display are household articles, costumes, gold and silver ware, armouries, earthenware, manuscripts, wooden and ivory objects, various kinds of paintings like oil, water colour and so on.

A small garden has been developed at the place where the Krishna Vilas Tank stood. A secret underground passage located on eastern side of the Sardar Mahal, which was in use till 1855 before being closed has also been reopened to the public. Few artifacts, paintings and coins, which were collected or used by Serfoji II, are displayed in this section of the palace.

Entry Fees & Timings
Entrance fee
Phone Number
9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Adult Rs.2.00,
Child Rs.1.00.
+91 – 4362 – 235268
No holiday

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