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Tiruvilanagar Uchiravaneswarar Temple – Legends

Tiruvilanagar Uchiravaneswarar Temple – Legends
Thuraikattum Vallalar:
The legend has Thiru Gnana Sambandhar arrived on this sacred land and realized that the river Cauvery was brimming with strong current of water. He was dejectedly remained on the river banks for quite some times searching for a ferryboat. Soon there appeared a hunter from nowhere instructed Sambandhar to follow him to go across from one end of the teeming water to the other end. As soon as the hunter got into the brimming water, the river parted into both the ways leaving a space in the middle for them to walk comfortably. Immediately after reaching on the other side Sambandhar looked for the hunter to reveal his gratitude, but he was not to be seen. Hence, the presiding deity has got the name Thuraikattum Vallalar.
Lord Shiva helping a Brahmin to cross River Cauvery:
Another legend has that a Brahmin who was a zealous devotee of Lord Shiva lived in this village. He offered attractive garlands made of fresh flowers to worship Lord. One day as usual he arrived on the river banks of Cauvery carrying a basket full of fresh flowers of alluring fragrances; he desperately noticed that the river was overflowing. He set into the strong current without any wavering and headed towards the other bank. He does not want to discontinue worship of Lord whatever may happen. Soon, he was trapped into the strong current; he firmly clutched the basket above his head. He was not concerned about his life, but worried nothing should happen to the flowers kept for the worship of Lord. Lord was pleased at the firm devotion and dedication of the Brahmin. Gradually, the water current drifted him and safely deposited on the river bank.
As the region was densely covered by the Vizhal grass, the place was named Vizhal Nagar which later changed as Vilar Nagar.  

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