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Uma Maheswarar Temple, Konerirajapuram – Legends

Uma Maheswarar Temple, Konerirajapuram – Legends
King Pururava got cured of Leprosy:
A King Pururava by name had an attack of leprosy. He visited a number of Shiva temples seeking relief. Finally he reached this temple on the southern bank of Cauvery and was cured. As a token of gratitude to Lord and prayer commitment, he constructed the Vimana with gold coverings and arranged Brahmotsavams during Vaikasi Visakam, according to the history of land and temple.
Bhoomidevi built this Temple:
It is believed that Bhoomidevi was instructed by Mahavishnu to build this temple, hence the name Bhumiswaram. The legend has it that the Shivalinga here was sculpted by Visvakarma, as per Bhumidevi's directions, and she worshipped Lord Umamahesvarar facing west, which is unusual. Thereupon, Bhoomidevi bathed in the Brahma Theertha opposite the temple, which is said to contain the revered Ganga and the other holy theerthas.
Swayambu Natarajar Idol:
The Chola king Kandaraditya Cholan and his wife Sembian Mahadevi were pious and asked the Sthapathi to make a Lord Nataraja's statue in five metals or Panchaloha which is tall and appealing. The Sthapathi was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and was very happy with the King’s order. The Sthapathi is a person who works on art of making icons, with the required quantity of metal, i.e. copper brass & lead in the ratio of 82%, 15%, & 3% respectively is collected in a crucible and heated to get converted into liquid form. Simultaneously the karu (mould) is also heated.
The mould becomes red hot. It is then buried in the ground up to the mouth of the mould, to get firm upright position. The hot liquid metal is poured into it. The mould is allowed to cool gradually. Then the wire bindings and iron rods are removed. The mould is broken open. Now rough metal image is obtained. Then it is chiseled, filed, and engraved to get fine ornamental statue. The Sthapathi after receiving the order works hard and presents the statue moulded to the king.
The Kandaraditya Chola king isn't happy and asks him to make a Nataraja statue which is more alive, tall and appealing. The Sthapathi shows three casts of Nataraja which came upto 3 feet height but the King rejected them and gave him last chance to make it and ordered to chop his head if Sthapathi fails. The Sthapathi was very depressed as he had just a day more to present his work. He was praying lord Shiva to make his work appealing to the king and was thinking about how to start casting Nataraja. An old man and his wife came near him and asked for some water to quench their thirst.
The Sthapathi wasn't in the mood to offer water and said them “There is no water". The old man asked him to offer something to drink as they had walked all the way in a sunny day. The Sthapathi lost his patience and said "If you really want to drink something, drink the molten metal". The old man immediately took the pot and drank the molten metal giving a little to his wife. Before the Sthapathi could recognize what has happened, there emerged two statues, one of large Natraja and other his wife Parvathi. The Chola King walked in the same time and was extremely happy to see the statues.
The Sthapathi was speechless by God's love and affection and couldn't believe that God had come himself to help him make the icons and saved his life. Later, Sthapathi conveyed the whole incident to the King. The Chola King called his tale a lie and raised his sword furiously which struck the lifted right foot of Natarajar's Icon. Blood spurted out and splashed on the King who developed leprosy. The Lord then appeared to all present there as Rishabaroodar and told the King “I am here in the form of Lingam as Vaidyanatha”.
Nandhi worshipped Shiva here:
According to scriptures, Nandhi the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva worshipped here. 
Yama worshipped Mother Durga here:
It is said that after the bone chilling experience in Thirukkadaiyur, Yama the God of Death came to this place, worshipped Mother Durga to recover from the shock. 
Ashtadhik Balagars worshipped Shiva here:
As the deities of the 8 directions – Ashtadhik Balakas- worshipped here, they have their due places in the vimana.
Sidhars worshipped Shiva here:
16 Siddhas had prayed here seeking the mercy of Lord. 
Agasthya got vision of Wedding Darshan of Shiva & Parvathi here:
Sage Agasthya had the Wedding Darshan of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi with Lord Vishnu offering his sister to Shiva. 
Nala and Damayanthi worshipped Sani Bhagwan here:
Before their journey to Thirunallaru, Nala and Damayanthi worshipped Sani Bhagwan in this temple and secured his blessings. While black is the clothing for the planet in other places, here he graces in white robes. People should light lamps here with oil produced from white dhil-Vellai Ellu in Tamil.  

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