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Kudumiyamalai Temple Complex, Pudukottai

Kudumiyamalai Temple Complex, Pudukottai
Kudumiyamalai is located about 20 km from Pudukkotai town. The village is centered around a small hillock, where a cave temple has been carved on its foot. This cave temple, locally known as Melaikkovil, has been extended continuously during later times which suggest that this place held quite an importance in the past. However once bustling with social and cultural activities, at present this is a small idle village.

Kudumiyamalai ('ku-du-mi-yaa-ma-lai') is an important site in the district famous for a few old temples of considerable beauty as well as archaeological interest. It is one of the oldest historic townships in the tract. The township was called as Thiru-nalak-kundram in earlier inscriptions and Shikhanallur in later ones.
The village had extended all around a hillock, at the foot of which, on the east, is the famous Kudumiyamalai temple complex.

On and near a hillock there are four temples including a fine cave temple and a very large Siva temple, called Sikhanathasvami koil, containing exquisite sculptures.

The musical inscription found on a face of the cave temple is important in the musical history of India. There are nearly a hundred and twenty inscriptions in Kudumiyamalai.
Kudumiyamalai is located on Pudukkottai – Kodumbalur – Manapparai road about 20 Kilometers from Pudukkottai.

Following the road off the main road one reaches the foothills of the hillock where the temple complex is situated.
Town Bus facility is available from Pudukkottai.
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There are four temples on and near a rock hill. At the foot of the hillock, in the east side, is the famous Kudumiyamalai temple complex.

It began as a simple cave temple in the early Pandya Times (7th Century AD) developed in time to one of the largest temple complex in the district.

The temple complex consists of following places of interest;
Melakkoil (Thirumetrali) Cave Temple
Shikanatha or Kuduminatha Temple
Other Subsidiary Shrines.
There is another temple dedicated to Murugan, on the top of the hillock.
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There is plethora of inscriptions here and the musical inscription found on a face of the cave temple is important in the musical history of India.
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Food and Accommodation 
This is a small village with no proper accommodation facility. Proper Lodging Facilities are available at Trichy or Pudukkotai. Food will be available from small village restaurants. If Hygienic conscious, Pack the foods from Trichy or Pudukottai. Village Restaurants here are very good and serving delicious food.
By Bus: 
There are buses from all major places in Tamil Nadu to Pudukkottai which is 20km away from the temple in Kudumiyamalai. From here autos and taxis are available. Nearest Bus Stand is Palaniyappa Bus Stand .This will connect all the places to Pudukottai.
By Train: 
Nearest Major Railway station is Pudukkottai Railway Station which is 16 km away from Shikhanatha Temple in Kudumiyamalai. From here autos and taxis are available. Nearest Railway Station is Vellanur Railway Station, Cauvery Nagar. This will connect all the places in Tamil Nadu.
By Flight: 

Nearest airport to Kudumiyamalai is Trichy Airport which is 51km away. From here taxis and bus services are available to access the Temple.

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